October 5 - 13, 2024

Knowlton (Lac-Brome), Mansonville, Waterloo

The New and Improved Festival

"The ancient Celts saw a direct link between the fertility of the land and the wisdom and spirituality of their kings. That harmony with the land is still prevalent in the symbolism and imagery of today's Celtic music." Celtic Tides:Traditional Music in a New Age

In 2011, our Committee decided to change the format and venue of the Festival to respond to several key factors:

  1. Nature was sanctified by the Celts. They believed that divinity resided in all corners of the natural world. Therefore, nature was central in their rituals, their myths, and their art. They worshipped in forest clearings. The intricate patterns in their metalwork are filled with stylized plants and animals. Elaborate flower and leaf designs frame their manuscripts. And animals are everywhere in their mythology.
    The Festival should therefore be presented in an environment where nature can be experienced at its best.

  2. Celtic music is rooted in an older tradition and in the small, close-knit communities that have kept this music going. Its revival and universal appeal seem to come from people’s desire to hold on to some of the more positive community values of times gone by.
    The Festival should therefore be presented in smaller venues and smaller communities where people can meet and the artists can really connect with the audience.

  3. We live in a world obsessed with speed, with cramming more and more into less and less time, and staying connected 24/7. It is taking a toll on our health, our relationships and the environment. In response, people are starting to want to slow down and savour life. They want to lead healthier lifestyles. They seek inner calm. They search for activities that will give more depth and meaning to their lives.
    The Festival should therefore provide an environment where people can slow down and rediscover the Art of Living.

In view of all of the above, and our Committee’s desire to help people to rediscover their sense of wonder for the natural environment, we chose to continue the Festival in the Eastern Townships.

Celtic Harmonies continues to present the best in Celtic music in smaller, more intimate venues in the perfect natural setting. And it will help us to slow down and re-discover the "art of living".